Welcome to our comprehensive guide on harnessing the power of pre-built automation templates in Monday.com to streamline your workflow. In today's fast-paced world, efficiency is paramount. These templates offer ready-made solutions for common processes, empowering you to automate repetitive tasks and focus on what truly matters. Join us as we explore how to leverage these templates, customize them to fit your unique needs, and unlock the full potential of automation. Get ready to boost productivity and enhance collaboration across your team.


Access the Template Center

1.1 Log in to your monday.com account.

1.2 Click on the "Choose from templates" button, which is usually located on the left side of the screen, or at the top-right corner, depending on your user interface.


Explore the Categories

2.1 Once you're in the Template Center, you'll see various categories for pre-built automation templates, such as project management, marketing, sales, HR, and more.

2.2 Browse through these categories to find the templates that best fit your needs.


Preview and Select a Template

3.1 Click on a template that interests you to see a preview.

3.2 In the preview, you can view the boards, automations, and integrations that come with the template.

3.3 If you're satisfied with the template, click the "Use Template" button to add it to your account.


Customize the Template

4.1 Once the template is added to your account, you can customize it to fit your needs.

4.2 Edit the board's name, column names, and item names by clicking on the text and typing in the new information.

4.3 Add, delete, or modify columns as needed by clicking the "+" sign next to the last column or using the column menu (three vertical dots).


Set Up Automations

5.1 Click on the "Automations" button at the top of your board.

5.2 In the Automations Center, you can view the pre-built automations that come with the template.

5.3 To modify an existing automation, click on the automation and adjust the settings as needed.

5.4 To add a new automation, click the "Add Automation" button, then browse through the available options, and select one that fits your needs.

5.6 After selecting an automation, customize it by selecting the appropriate board, column, and item options.

5.7 Click "Add to board" to enable the automation.


Set Up Integrations

6.1 If your template includes integrations, click on the "Integrations" button at the top of your board.

6.2 In the Integrations Center, view the pre-built integrations that come with the template.

6.3 To modify an existing integration, click on the integration and adjust the settings as needed.

6.4 To add a new integration, click the "Add Integration" button, then browse through the available options, and select one that fits your needs.

6.5 After selecting an integration, customize it by connecting it to the appropriate app, account, or platform.

6.6 Click "Add to board" to enable the integration.


Invite Team Members

7.1 To invite team members to collaborate on your board, click the "Invite" button at the top of your board.

7.2 Enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite, or select them from the list if they're already part of your organization.

7.3 Click "Send Invite" to send the invitations.


Start Using Your Board

8.1 Once your board is set up, your team can start using it to manage tasks, track progress, and collaborate.

8.2 Team members can create and update items, add comments, upload files, and use the communication features to stay in sync.

8.3 Use the board filters and views to get a clear overview of your project or process.

Congratulations on completing our guide to utilizing pre-built automation templates in Monday.com. By incorporating these templates into your workflow, you've taken a significant step towards optimizing your processes and reducing manual effort. Remember, automation is a dynamic field – keep exploring new templates, tweaking existing ones, and adapting to changing needs. As you continue to refine your automation strategy, you'll not only save time and effort but also create a more agile and productive work environment. Your journey towards efficient collaboration and process enhancement has just begun.

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