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Embed a Customer Success Specialist into your team

Baton onboards trained and vetted offshore Customer Success Specialists to handle manual tasks, support requests, documentation, and reporting.
This frees your Success managers to focus on long-term strategy and customer relationships.

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Support specialists PLaced

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What our customers are saying

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Kai - Fondo

Ryan has been critical to the success of our team’s projects and goals. The energy and expertise he brings to every initiative is impressive — he is committed to identifying solutions and driving progress. I can trust that complex problems will always be handled with care and attention. Collaborating with Ryan has been a pleasure and we are lucky to have him on the team.

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Bob - Those Who Care

We're not gonna tell you how, we're just gonna tell you what it needs to look like. To me, that's what good work looks like. It's outcomes-based versus people who talk a lot and then the outcomes aren't there. The outcomes are there which is like how I would rate working together, we're getting the right outcomes.

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Varvara - Panoptyc

Working with Grace is a highlight of my experience with Baton! Clear communication, reliable and consistent performance, detail oriented while keeping the bigger picture in mind, extremely helpful, tech oriented and cares about users. All these makes remote collaboration with Grace just very enjoyable!

We find and train Success Specialists so you can get things moving in your business

Reinforce your Success team with highly qualified and vetted Success professionals

Grow your Net Revenue Retention

Drive more Growth with a dedicated Success Specialist that understands your customers' wants and needs and is there to delight at every turn.

Reduce your activation cost & expand your margins

Add top tier off-shore Success professionals to your team to empower your customers, extend runway, and reallocate your budget to where it's most needed.

Increase your Net Promoter Score for more customer referrals

Delight your customers with top-tier response time to inquiries, and increase your Net Promoter Score with Success Specialist who deeply understands your business.

Move faster with a support network who have done "it" before

Give your team access to a community of needle movers who have impacted their companies by implementing proven Success strategies.

Allow your team to execute efficiently

Whether your team has too much to do, or you need to expand it to keep up with your growth, Baton is here to help you add qualified and vetted Success Specialists to your Success team.

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What you can expect:

Daily Standups

Your onboarded Success Specialist is expected to constantly align with what’s expected for your company’s growth.
Weekly Reports

Your Success Specialists are aligned with you on your business goals. Weekly reports help monitor the progress and status against the KPIs set.
Professional Training

Each Success Specialist has been trained so they can hop on to what needs to get done without compromise.

Some tasks a Customer Success Specialist can assist with:

Hand-off Refinement

Work with sales to clean up the hand-off to success (and execute against it)

Mutual Action Plans

Build and monitor Mutual Action Plans


Consolidate notes in your system of record (support ticketing or CRM)

Call Prep

Prep you ahead of calls with clients

Product Requirements

Write out Product Requirements Documents to help you advocate for customers with respect to your engineering team

Tool Building

Build automations and no-code tools using your existing vendors (Zapier, Airtable, Typeform, etc)

Dashboard/Reporting Configuration

Automate reporting and build dashboards

Onboarding Prep

Setup accounts and other prep associated with complex onboardings

Support Triage

Scheduling support and support triage


Knowledge Base maintenance and setup (either in your support tool like Intercom/Crisp /HubSpot Service or in your Google Docs/Notion/Confluence)

Opportunity Identification

Map out activation and pinpoint opportunities for streamlining


Our highly-selective, 4-stage vetting process goes through thousands of applications and takes into account your specific requirements. This ensures you’re only getting top-tier professionals that are the right fit for your team.

1.  Resume and credentials review. We evaluate the background, experience, and job knowledge of each applicant.
2.  Culture Interview. We test soft skills, language proficiency, and character fit here.
3.  Practical project assignment. A practical exam related to their upcoming role ensures that each applicant is the right person for the job and a good fit for your team.
4.  Client Interview. Only the top applicants make it to the final stage: an interview with you.

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Ready. Set. Grow.

Customer Success agents ready to do assist

Arm your most talented Success Managers with the resources they need

Give your managers the freedom to do what they do best by giving them additional support for recurring and lengthy tasks

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Maximize your Success teams productivity by adding Success professionals on plan that works for your budget.

Success Specialist
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Develops customer training and support


In charge of listening to customer needs analysis and evaluation


Sets up processes on  customer satisfaction and delight on a daily basis


Coordinating with other departments to ensure customer needs are met

Success Engineer
$4000 /month
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In charge of streamlining processes for better customer experience


Handles analysis and evaluation of customer needs and problems


Resolves customer concerns for higher customer satisfaction

Success Operations Specialist
$4500 /month
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In charge of customer onboarding and activations


In charge of maintaining high Net Promoter Score


Supports upsells and cross sell initiatives of the company


Owns Net Revenue Retention efforts of the company