Get on demand Customer Success Talent tailored to your needs

Baton onboards trained and vetted offshore success talent to handle manual tasks, support requests, documentation, and reporting. That frees your team to focus on long-term strategy and customer relationships.

Trusted by Fast-Growing Startups

Join our clients in saving an average of $10K per month

We find and train CS talent - so you can get things moving in your business

Move faster with a support network who have done "it" before

Give your team access to a community of needle movers who have impacted their companies by implementing proven Success strategies.

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Increase your Net Promoter Score for more customer referrals

Delight your customers with top-tier response time to inquiries, and increase your Net Promoter Score with expert support who deeply understands your business.

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Grow your Net Revenue Retention

Drive more Growth with a dedicated Customer Success team that understands your customers' wants and needs and is there to delight at every turn.

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Reduce your activation cost & expand your margins

Tap into top off-shore talent to empower your customers while extending runway and reallocating budget to where it's most needed.

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Our highly-selective, 4-stage vetting process goes through thousands of applications and takes into account your specific requirements.

This ensures you’re only getting top-tier talent that’s the right fit for your team.

 1. Resume and credentials review

We evaluate the background, experience, and job knowledge of each talent member.

2. Culture Interview 

We test soft skills, language proficiency, and character fit here.

3. Practical project assignment

A practical exam related to their upcoming role ensures the talent member is the right person for the job and a good fit for your team.

4. Client Interview

Only top talent members make it to the final stage: an interview with you.


1. Fill out a form here

Let us know where you’re at and what you’re looking for, so we can help you in the best way we can! And we’d love to jump on a call if you want to discuss things further.

2. Recruitment Process

Baton starts the recruiting and vetting process based on your needs. 

3. Sit back and relax

Breathe easy as we work hard to find the perfect fit for you

4. Meet your customer success talent or team

Baton ensures they are briefed, trained and fully embedded to your team.

"It gave us the confidence to grow faster"

Baton helped us increase our growth rate. It enabled to build and scale systems to grow faster. Because of them, we can focus on growing the company now with confidence. - David from Fondo

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Daily Standups

Your onboarded Success talent is expected to constantly align with what’s expected for your company’s growth.


Weekly Reports

Your talent members are with you on your business goals. Weekly reports help monitor the progress and status against the KPIs set.


Professional Training

Each Customer Success team member has been trained so they can hop on to what needs to get done fast.

Turn your customers into super fans with a dedicated Customer Success team

Improve your retention rate and Net Promoter Score with your clients.


An efficient operations manager is estimated to maintain at least $10,000/mo in revenue AND save hours of team productivity.

Support Associate

$3000 /month

  • Develops customer training and support
  • In charge of listening to customer needs analysis and evaluation
  • Sets up processes on customer satisfaction and delight on a daily basis
  • Coordinating with other departments to ensure customer needs are met

Support Lead

$4000 /month

  • In charge of streamlining processes for better customer experience
  • Handles analysis and evaluation of customer needs and problems
  • Resolves customer concerns for higher customer satisfaction

Success Operations Specialist

$4500 /month

  • In charge of customer onboarding and activations
  • In charge of maintaining high Net Promoter Score
  • Supports upsells and cross sell initiatives of the company
  • Owns Net Revenue Retention efforts of the company


Should your customer success team member not pass your evaluation in 30 days month, we are offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. After 30 days, we will offer a replacement that will suit your team better.

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