What our clients say

"We're not gonna tell you how, we're just gonna tell you what it needs to look like. That's what good work looks like. It's outcomes-based versus people who talk a lot and then the outcomes aren't there. The outcomes are there."
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Bob, Founder
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"Working with Grace is a highlight of my experience with Baton! Clear communication, reliable and consistent performance, detail-oriented while keeping the bigger picture in mind, extremely helpful, tech-oriented, and cares about users. All these make remote collaboration with Grace just very enjoyable!"
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Varvara, Software Developer
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"Ryan has been critical to the success of our team’s projects and goals. The energy and expertise he brings to every initiative is impressive — he is committed to identifying solutions and driving progress. I can trust that complex problems will always be handled with care and attention. Collaborating with Ryan has been a pleasure and we are lucky to have him on the team."
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Kai, Director of Customer Success
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