Baton does whatever it takes to get the job done, so you can focus on relationships

Aligning an executive team and setting a strategic direction is a full-time job. Doing ops work is a second job. And project managing work is a third!

Baton is the best way to get work off your plate while delighting your clients:

Stop chasing contractors

You have experience vetting, managing, quality assuring, and chasing unreliable freelancers. But that kills your margins. Baton comes with a dedicated project manager for each of your clients, who learns how you work and what you need. They oversee internal resources who work for Baton and have worked together for years. That minimizes the risk of delays or disappearances.

Work with our team

Turn Key Security for your clients' credentials

Having trouble keeping track of which contractors have seats on which tools? We have years of experience configuring client tools. We know how important it is to protect PII and access to tools. We use best-in-class tools for managing credentials, and continuously monitor access and usage to keep your clients safe.

Get a team you can trust

Better margins for your practice and better predictability for your client

Many fractional executives work on retainer. So the time you spend managing freelancers could be spent building your business. With Baton, you save hundreds of hours hiring and managing freelancers and earn more with revenue share on our fees. Build a larger practice or take more time for you, by working with Baton.

Take control of your calendar

How does it work?

Request what you want
Our skilled project manager assigns your request and ensures the right level of access needed
Get results in 2 days or less
Ask for revisions or move on to the next request
Offload work to a trusted partner
Baton gives you the ability to free yourself from low-leverage tasks. Stop creating reports and managing spreadsheets, stay at the executive level.
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