Welcome to our guide on importing data from external sources, such as Excel or CSV files, into Monday.com. Streamline data transfer for efficient board creation. In this guide, we'll show you how to import data and create a new board in Monday.com.


Prepare Your External Data Source

1.1. Open the Excel or CSV file containing the data you want to import to monday.com.

1.2. Ensure that the first row contains the column headers, which will be used to create the columns on the monday.com board.

1.3. Save the file in CSV format if you're using Excel.


Access the Import Data Feature on monday.com

2.1. Log in to your monday.com account.

2.2. From the left sidebar, click on the "+" button on the top right corner of the screen.

2.3. Select "Import data" from the dropdown menu.


Select the External Source

3.1. In the Import Data window, click on "Excel or CSV" as your external source.

3.2. Click "Let’s customize your new board" to continue.


Upload Your CSV File

4.1. Click on the "Choose a file" button to browse and select the CSV file you prepared in Step 1.

4.2. Once the file is uploaded, click on "Next" to proceed.


Map Your Data to monday.com Columns

5.1. In the "Map your data" window, match each column header in your CSV file with the appropriate monday.com column type.

5.2. If your data includes dates, ensure that the date format matches your monday.com settings.

5.3. Click "Next" when you've finished mapping your data.


Customize Your New Board

6.1. In the "Customize your new board" window, give your new board a name.

6.2. Choose a board type: Main, Shareable, or Private.

6.3. Add any relevant tags or board descriptions.


Review Your Imported Board


7.1. After creating the new board, review the imported data to ensure that it has been correctly mapped.

7.2. Make any necessary adjustments to the board layout or column settings.

7.3. And monday.com will automatically save your changes.

Congratulations! You've successfully learned how to import data from external sources into Monday.com. By mastering this process, you can swiftly create new boards, centralize your data, and simplify collaboration. Continuously leverage data imports to optimize your workflows and improve project efficiency. Happy importing!

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