Welcome to our comprehensive guide on effectively managing cases using Queues, Assignment Rules, and Escalation Rules in Salesforce. Discover the best practices and strategies to streamline your support operations and enhance customer satisfaction.


Set Up Case Assignment Rules

Navigate to 'Case Assignment Rules' in Salesforce Service Cloud. Create rules that route cases to different queues based on case origin. For example, cases originating from phone calls can be routed to a 'Phone Queue', and cases from email or the web can go to an 'Email/Web Queue'.


Create Cases

Now create two cases: one with the case origin of 'Phone', and another with the case origin of 'Email'. While creating the cases, ensure that the 'Assign using active assignment rules' checkbox is checked. This will help route the cases to the appropriate queue based on the rules you've set.


Check the Queues

Navigate to the 'Phone Cases Queue' and 'Email/Web Queue'. You will see that the cases have been appropriately assigned.


Set Up Case Escalation Rules

Navigate to 'Case Escalation Rules' in Salesforce Service Cloud. Set a rule that escalates cases with high priority to 'Platinum Tier Support' if they are not resolved within a set time frame, such as one hour.


Create a High Priority Case

Create a new case with high priority.


Step 5.2: Check Case Escalations

After creating the case, check 'Case Escalations'. You will see that the case is set to be escalated to 'Platinum Tier Support' in one hour if it's not resolved by then.


Check the Platinum Tier Support Queue

Navigate to the 'Platinum Tier Support' queue to see cases that have been escalated.

In conclusion, mastering the use of Queues, Assignment Rules, and Escalation Rules can significantly improve your case management in Salesforce. By optimizing workflows and ensuring timely resolutions, you can provide exceptional support experiences to your customers. Implement these techniques to elevate your support team's efficiency and deliver top-notch service consistently.

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