Importing: Navigate to your HubSpot CRM

Locate the Contacts or Companies tab.


Importing: Click on the "Import" button

Choose between importing from a file or syncing with another tool. In this guide, we will focus on importing from a file.


Importing: Click "Start an import."

Choose "File from computer" and hit "Next."

Indicate whether you are importing one file (with one object type) or multiple files (with associations between objects). For simplicity, we will import one file with contacts only.


Select and Upload


Select the object you are importing (e.g., Contacts, Deals, Companies, etc.). We will choose "Contacts" in this example.

Click "Upload a file" and locate your file on your computer. HubSpot supports CSV, XLS, and XLSX file formats.


Importing: Click "Finish import"


HubSpot will notify you when the import is complete, and you can view the contacts by clicking "View contacts."


Exporting: Access your contacts

Go to the top of your HubSpot dashboard and click on "Contacts."

Then click on "Contacts" again in the drop-down menu.


Exporting: Select contacts to export

If you want to export specific contacts or a filtered list, use the search and filter options to narrow down your selection.

If you want to export all contacts, skip to Step 2.1


Click Export

Click on the "Export" button located above your contact list.


Exporting: Downloading exported contacts

Click Track Export and download the file

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