Welcome to our guide on tracking and analyzing contact engagement in HubSpot. Monitoring engagement is crucial for effective marketing. In this guide, we'll show you how to leverage HubSpot's tools to gain valuable insights into your contact's interactions.


Accessing Contacts in HubSpot

1.1. Open the HubSpot portal.

1.2. Navigate to the Contacts section.

1.3. Pull up a sample contact.


Sending a Test Email from HubSpot

2.1. Create a new email with the subject line "Test" and the text "Test" as well.

2.2. Send the email from inside HubSpot.


Tracking Email Opens


3.1. Wait for the email to appear on your mobile phone or the recipient's device.

3.2. Open the email.

3.3. Look for a Chrome notification on your screen indicating that the email was opened.


Tracking Clicks in Emails


4.1. Include a hyperlink inside the test email.

4.2. Click on the hyperlink in the email.

4.3. Check HubSpot to see if the click was registered.


Integrating HubSpot with Gmail or Outlook

5.1. If you haven't already, integrate HubSpot with your Gmail or Outlook account. For detailed instructions, refer to other guides or videos about integrating HubSpot with Gmail or Outlook.

Congratulations! You've successfully learned how to track and analyze contact engagement in HubSpot. By monitoring interactions, you can identify engaged leads, optimize marketing efforts, and nurture customer relationships effectively. Continuously analyze engagement data to make data-driven decisions and enhance your marketing performance. Happy analyzing!

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