Learn how to automatically tag conversations in Front using rules. Streamline your email management by categorizing messages with minimal effort.


Go to Rules

Head over to the "Rules" section in your Front dashboard.


Start a New Rule

  • Click on the "New Rule" button.


Name the Rule

  • Assign a name to your rule for easy identification.


Set Trigger and Conditions

For the trigger, select "When a new inbound message arrives."


Specify the conditions, such as "Sender email is" or "Subject contains."


Add the Auto-Tag Action

Under Actions, select "Add tag" and then choose the tag you want to apply automatically.


Save the Rule

Confirm and save your rule by clicking "Save."


Test the Rule

Send a test email or message to ensure the tag gets applied as expected.

You've now set up auto-tagging rules in Front! Say goodbye to manual sorting and enhance your team's efficiency.

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