In this guide, we'll walk you through the steps to create dynamic content specifically tailored for various segments, ensuring your audience feels seen and valued.


Navigate to 'Segments'

Select the 'Segments' option on the dashboard’s left sidebar.


Review Your Segments

Before crafting content, familiarize yourself with the existing segments or consider creating new ones.


Proceed to 'Campaigns'

Back on the main dashboard, select the "Campaigns" option.


Choose a Campaign

Choose an existing campaign or start a new one to infuse dynamic content.


Access the Campaign Editor

Within your chosen campaign, locate the campaign editor to start implementing dynamic content.


Insert Dynamic Variables

In your email body or content section, start by inserting dynamic variables. These can be general or specific to your segments.


Incorporate Conditional Logic

Begin with an 'IF' Statement: This allows you to display specific content for each segment. For instance, {{if segment_name == 'Gold Members'}}.

Add Your Segment-Specific Content: Following the 'IF' condition, introduce content you wish this segment to see.

Employ the 'ELSE' Statement (Optional): For those segments not fitting the 'IF' criteria, specify content using 'ELSE'.

Conclude with 'ENDIF': Make sure you wrap up your conditional logic with {{endif}}.


Preview the Dynamic Content

Use the "Preview" option to check how the content varies across segments.


Test the Content

Before going live, send tests to guarantee that dynamic content appears right for every segment.


Save & Go Live

After thorough testing, save your modifications and launch the campaign.

Dynamic content is a game-changer in modern marketing, bridging the gap between brands and their diverse audience. By segmenting and tailoring content, you not only cater to individual preferences but also foster deeper connections. Now that you've mastered the art of creating dynamic content for different segments, it's time to deploy it effectively and watch your engagement metrics soar!

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