Efficient customer segmentation is key to marketing success. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive into the specifics of adjusting segmentation criteria based on customer behavior in Customer.io. Learn how to adapt your strategy on the fly and deliver the right message to the right audience. Optimized segmentation leads to better engagement, stronger customer relationships, and ultimately, increased ROI. Ready to master the art of data-driven segmentation? Let's get started!


Navigate to 'Segments'

Click on the "Segments" option in the left-hand sidebar. This section is where you create and manage your customer segments.


Select the Segment to Adjust

Identify the segment you wish to adjust. Hover over the segment and click on the segment.


Review Current Rules

Examine the existing rules of your segment. These are the criteria currently used to include people in the segment.


Add New Rule Based on Customer Behavior

Click on "Edit Conditions" and then click on "Add condition or group" and select "Event Data" from the dropdown list. This allows you to create rules based on specific customer behaviors.


Specify the Event

From the "Event Name" dropdown, select the behavior you're interested in. This should be an event that's indicative of the customer behavior you want to base your segment on.


Define the Conditions

Specify the conditions for this event. You can choose conditions such as "Has performed", "Has not performed", "Has performed at least", etc., to refine your segment.


Set the Time Frame

Decide the timeframe for your conditions. You can choose events performed within the last few hours, days, weeks, etc., or set a specific date range.


Save Your Changes

After you've added the new behavior-based rule, click "Save Changes". Your segment will now be updated to include customers who meet this new rule.


Review Segment Size

Back in the "Segments" list, you can now see the size of your updated segment. The number of people included should reflect the changes you made.

You've now mastered the art of adjusting segmentation criteria based on customer behavior in Customer.io! By harnessing this powerful tool, you can ensure your marketing messages are targeted to the right audience, leading to enhanced engagement and increased conversions. Remember, the key to successful segmentation is continual adjustment and analysis. Keep an eye on your customer behavior, tweak your segments accordingly, and watch your marketing efforts pay off in leaps and bounds. Happy segmenting!

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