Regular reporting can illuminate patterns and trends, but manually generating them can be labor-intensive. With platforms like Front, the ability to automate these reports, be it on a weekly or monthly basis, becomes a game-changer.


Log in to Front

Begin by accessing your Front account using your credentials.


Navigate to Analytics

Once inside, find and select the "Analytics" option on the left-hand sidebar.


Create a New Report

Inside the Analytics dashboard, click on the "Create" or "New Report" button.


Choose Report Metrics

Select the specific metrics or data points you want to include in your automated report.


Set the Frequency

Find the "Frequency" option and choose between "Weekly" or "Monthly" for your automated reports.


Customize Date Range

If needed, set a specific date range for the data that will be included in the report.


Add Filters (Optional)

Refine your report content by adding filters, such as by team, channel, or other criteria.


Save and Activate

Once satisfied with the settings, click "Save" or "Activate" to initiate the automated reporting.

Automation in reporting is not just about convenience; it's a strategic move towards optimizing operations and ensuring data-driven decision-making. By setting up automated weekly or monthly reports in Front, you're ensuring that crucial insights are never missed, irrespective of how hectic schedules might get.

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