With platforms like Front offering sophisticated tracking tools, organizations have the opportunity to monitor, evaluate, and boost their team's efficiency. Our comprehensive guide on "How to Track Team Performance and Productivity" is designed to unlock these capabilities, enabling managers and leaders to harness the full potential of their teams.


Log in to Front

Start by entering your Front account credentials.


Set Up Your Team

Once logged in, navigate to the 'Team' or 'Members' section. Add your team members by entering their email addresses.


Integrate Email and Channels

Integrate your preferred email channels (like Gmail, Outlook) to start receiving and assigning messages.


Assign Conversations

Assign specific email threads or conversations to different team members based on their roles or departments.


Navigate to the Analytics Dashboard

Click on the 'Analytics' tab on the left sidebar to access data on team performance.


Explore Team Metrics

Within Analytics, view metrics like:

  1. Average response time.
  2. Number of conversations handled.
  3. Resolution rate.
  4. Customer satisfaction scores (if integrated).


Set Up Filters

To get specific insights, use filters to view data based on:

  1. Date range.
  2. Team members.
  3. Channel source.


Export Data (if available)

If the free trial permits, export your findings for a deeper analysis outside Front. Click the 'Export' button and select your preferred format.

With the insights provided in this guide, tracking team performance and productivity in Front becomes a streamlined process. By leveraging these tools and metrics, organizations are not only ensuring they remain at the forefront of their industries but also investing in the continuous growth and development of their teams. A proactive approach to monitoring and enhancing productivity paves the way for increased success, satisfaction, and overall business growth.

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