Welcome to our guide on customizing date ranges for analysis in Help Scout. Tailoring date ranges is vital for obtaining precise insights from your data. In this guide, we'll show you how to adjust date ranges effectively to make informed decisions.


Log in to Help Scout


To begin customizing date ranges for analysis in Help Scout, first, log in to your Help Scout account using your registered email address and password.


Access the 'Reports' dashboard

Once logged in, navigate to the 'Reports' tab in the top menu. This tab will lead you to the 'Reports' dashboard, where you can access various analytical tools and reports.


Select the report type

On the 'Reports' dashboard, there are several different report types available, such as 'Emails,' 'Phone,' 'Happiness,' and more. Click on the desired report type that you would like to customize the date range for.


Locate the date range picker

After selecting the desired report type, locate the date range picker, typically found near the top right corner of the page. The date range picker displays the current date range applied to the report.


Click on the date range picker

Click on the date range picker to open a calendar view where you can customize the date range for your report.


Customize the date range

In the calendar view, you can either manually select the start and end dates for the desired date range, or choose from a list of preset ranges, such as 'Last 7 days,' 'Last 30 days,' or 'Custom Range.' To manually select the start and end dates, click on the desired dates in the calendar, and they will be highlighted. If you want to use a preset range, click on the respective option.


Apply the customized date range

After customizing the date range, click on the 'Apply' button found at the bottom of the calendar view. This will apply the customized date range to your report and refresh the data accordingly.

Congratulations! You now have the expertise to customize date ranges for analysis in Help Scout. By adjusting date parameters, you can extract more relevant insights, track progress effectively, and enhance decision-making. Keep refining your date ranges to optimize your data analysis and boost your team's productivity. Happy analyzing!

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