Discover Pipedrive's Activity Insights for comprehensive sales performance analysis. Unveil trends, enhance strategies, and boost conversions effectively.


Access Insights


Navigate to the Insights section of your account.


Understand the layout


On the left-hand side, you'll find a list for Dashboards, Goals, and Reports. Goals are helpful for tracking your sales objectives, while Reports allow you to customize data presentation for your business.


Create a report


In the Reports section, choose to customize a pre-built template or create a new report from scratch.


Choose a report style

Select a style for your report. Currently, you can create different types of reports for activities, campaign, contact, lead, deals, and revenue-based reporting.


Fill in the criteria

Define the criteria for your report. For example, to create a bar chart report displaying the number of deals each rep has closed in a specific time period, first define the deal status as "won," then add a condition for "Won time" as "This quarter.


Customize the data presentation


Choose from five different options (column chart, bar chart, pie chart, scorecard) to present the filtered data. In this example, select the bar chart.


Apply segmentation options

Fine-tune the data presentation by applying additional segmentation options. For example, segment the data based on the owner and quantity of deals.


Save and modify reports

To create a similar report with a small change, simply edit the existing report, make the desired change, and save it as a new report.


Add the report to your dashboard

Save the report to your dashboard, or use drag and drop to add it later. Note that you can create multiple dashboards and share them simultaneously with the Professional or Enterprise plans.


Resize, reposition, and edit reports

Click on a report within a dashboard to resize, reposition, or edit it.

Elevate your sales game with Pipedrive's Activity Insights. Data-driven decisions pave the way for success. Maximize sales potential today!

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