Effectively track client interactions with Pipedrive's Contact Timeline. Stay organized, nurture relationships, and close deals seamlessly for sales success.


Access the Contacts Timeline

Navigate to the Contacts Timeline feature within your CRM system.


Customize the Timeline View


Specify the number of months back you want to view in the timeline.


Choose which contacts you want to display

Choose which contacts you want to display on the timeline, such as parent groups, owners of records, or administrators.


Apply filters to display specific contact groups

Apply filters to display specific contact groups, like people contacted within the last month or people with open deals.


Edit Filter Criteria

Click "Edit" on a filter to view and update its specific criteria to better suit your organization's needs.


Set Follow-up Frequency

Click the button to set the follow-up frequency for your contacts, choosing from weekly, monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually.


Add Activities to the Timeline


Specify a new activity, such as a follow-up call or email, and assign it to a contact


Select a date for the activity.


Click "Save" to add the activity to the timeline.


Mark Activities as Complete or Overdue


Locate overdue activities marked in red on the timeline


Click the activity icon to mark it as complete, which will change its color to gray


View Deal Status on the Timeline

Identify open deals (blue symbol), won deals (green symbol), and lost deals (red symbol) on the timeline.


Filter Activities by Type

Filter the displayed activities on the timeline by selecting or deselecting types, such as calls, emails, or tasks.

Elevate your customer management with Pipedrive's Contact Timeline. Streamline interactions, build rapport, and boost sales with a dynamic approach.

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