This is our comprehensive guide on creating and managing Salesforce dashboards for sharing vital metrics and insights. Discover techniques to visualize data, optimize decision-making, and enhance collaborative strategies.


Access Dashboards

Log in to Salesforce. Go to "App Launcher" and find "Dashboards." Click "Dashboards" to open the Dashboard page.


Create a New Dashboard

Click "New Dashboard." Give your dashboard a name and description. Select the dashboard folder and set visibility.


Add Dashboard Components

Click "Add" to add components. Choose chart, table, gauge, or metric. Select data source and customize settings.


Arrange Components

Drag and drop components to arrange. Resize and align them for clarity.


Set Filters (Optional)

Click "Filter" to add interactive filters. Choose fields to filter data dynamically.


Save and Share

Click "Save" to save your dashboard. Share with team or specific users. Set access level (view, edit) for sharing.


Add more data or visuals on your dashboard (Optional)

Click +Component

Choose reports for and different type of dashboard for better visualization.

In conclusion, mastering Salesforce dashboard creation and management empowers efficient data sharing and insightful decision-making. By utilizing these tools, you facilitate collaborative analysis, elevate teamwork, and drive strategic success. Implement these strategies to optimize your insights-sharing practices and achieve data-driven excellence.

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