Explore our guide on setting up team calendars and events within Salesforce. Uncover techniques to streamline scheduling, foster collaboration, and boost overall efficiency within your organization.


Access Salesforce Calendar

Log in to Salesforce. Navigate to the "App Launcher." Search for "Calendar" and select "Calendars."


Add Calendar Events

Open the team calendar. Click "New Event" to add details. Enter event title, date, time, and location.


Enter Data on the New Event Fields

Enter event title, date, time, and location. Save the Event.


Share the Calendar

Click drop down in “My Events” under “My Calendars” Click Share Calendar


Choose Recipients for the Shared Calendar

Share with individuals, groups, or roles.


Manage Calendar Events

Edit or delete events as needed. Drag and drop events to reschedule.


Color Code Calendars

Click gear button in “Other Calendar” Assign a User. Click drop down on the other user calendar Color-code events for organization.

In summary, mastering team calendar and event setup in Salesforce enhances scheduling and collaboration. By utilizing these features, you optimize time management and ensure seamless teamwork. Implement these strategies to elevate your scheduling practices and drive productivity for your team.

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