Welcome to our comprehensive guide on creating custom reports using Salesforce Report Builder. Uncover the step-by-step process to harness the power of data visualization and analysis, enabling you to make informed business decisions.


Step 1: Access the Report Builder

Log in to Salesforce. Go to the "App Launcher" (grid icon) and search for "Reports." Click on "Reports" to open the Reports tab.


Step 2: Create a New Report

Click "New Report." Choose "Accounts" as the report object. Select a report format (e.g., Tabular, Summary, Matrix). Click "Create."


Step 3: Define Report Columns and Groupings

Drag desired fields from the left pane to the report canvas to define columns. Use "Group Rows" to group accounts by specific criteria (e.g., Industry, Region).


Step 4: Apply Filters

Click "Add" next to "Filters." Add filters to refine your data (e.g., show only "Active" accounts). Customize date ranges, record types, and other filters as needed.


Step 5: Add a Column Chart

Click "Add Chart" in the "Outline" pane. Choose "Column" chart type for visual insights. Select grouping and summarize data (e.g., Total Revenue by Industry).


Step 6: Preview and Save

Click "Run" to preview report data. Review accuracy and make adjustments if needed. Click "Save" to save the report and select the folder.

In conclusion, mastering Salesforce Report Builder empowers you to unlock valuable insights from your data. Custom reports offer a deeper understanding of your business, driving strategic choices and optimizing outcomes. Incorporate these skills to elevate your reporting capabilities and stay ahead in today's data-driven landscape.

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