Welcome to our guide on using A/B testing in HubSpot to optimize landing page performance. Elevate your marketing strategy with data-backed decisions. In this guide, we'll show you how to conduct A/B tests and continuously improve your landing page's effectiveness.


Create a landing page


Log in to HubSpot

First, log in to your HubSpot account and create a new landing page.


Name Your Page

Give your landing page a name, such as "AB Demo".


Choose templae

Choose a template for your landing page.


Define your key action

Decide on the primary action you want your visitors to take on your landing page (e.g., filling out a form).

Add relevant content to your page that encourages visitors to complete this key action.


Publish your A version

Save your landing page and publish it as your "A" version.


Create the B version


Go to "More"

After publishing your A version, go to the "More" tab


Click on “Run a Test”

Click on “Run a Test”


Select "Create A/B Variation"

Select "Create A/B Variation".


Duplicate the content

Create an exact replica of your A version, and name it "B Test" or something similar.


Create variation

Make one significant change to the B version (either a big or small change) to test against the A version.


Publish your B version

Save your changes and publish your B version.


Drive traffic to your A/B test

Send traffic to your A/B test by adding call-to-actions on your website or running ads.


Analyze your A/B test data


View Results

After collecting enough data, go to your HubSpot account and view the test results.


Analyze the Results

Compare the page views, form submissions, and bounce rates between your A and B versions.


Choose a winner

Based on the data, choose the winning version (the one with higher conversions and lower bounce rates).

Make the winning version the permanent page on your website.

Congratulations! You've successfully learned how to use A/B testing in HubSpot to improve landing page performance. By analyzing test results and making data-driven changes, you can enhance your landing pages' effectiveness, increase conversions, and achieve marketing success. Continuously experiment and iterate to keep improving your landing pages. Happy testing!

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