Welcome to our guide on creating effective landing pages with essential elements on HubSpot. Convert visitors into customers with compelling pages. In this guide, we'll show you how to build high-converting landing pages that drive results.


Access Website Pages and Landing Pages

In HubSpot, click on "Marketing" > "Website" > "Website Pages" or "Landing Pages".

Each of these tools exists in separate tabs that you can switch between by clicking on them.


Create a New Page

Click "Create" and select "Website Page" or "Landing Page".

Choose a template, give your page a name, and click "Create Page".


Add and Edit Modules

On the left side of the page editor, search for the module you want and drag it onto the page.

Edit custom modules in the side pane, while default HubSpot modules can be edited directly on the page itself.

Delete or rearrange modules as needed.


Use the Word Processor Toolbar

Access basic formatting options, such as bold, underline, and color.

Insert special content, such as images, CTAs, videos, and tables.


Fix Mistakes and Revert to Earlier Versions

Use the undo and redo arrows for small, immediate fixes.


Revert the page back

Click "Version History" to revert the page back to an earlier point in time.


Preview and Test Your Page

Click the "Preview" button to test your page on different devices, such as desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.

Open a preview link in your current browser and share it with colleagues or test it in other browsers.

Always test your pages in multiple browsers and devices for accuracy.


Configure Page Settings

Set a page title, language, URL, meta description, campaign, and featured image.

Ensure your page title and meta description accurately describe your page and include relevant keywords.


Optimize Your Page

Click the "Optimize" tab for SEO suggestions.

Use your discretion to implement relevant optimization suggestions.


Schedule Your Page

Use the "Schedule" tab to publish your page immediately or schedule it for a future date and time.

Congratulations! You've successfully learned how to create effective landing pages on HubSpot. By incorporating essential elements, you can optimize your pages for conversions, capture leads, and achieve your marketing goals. Continuously test and refine your landing pages to maximize their impact. Happy landing page building!

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