Enter Front's advanced notification system. Instead of drowning in a sea of endless alerts, imagine getting only those that matter to you most, specifically tailored based on tags or assignees. Dive into our guide on "How to Configure Notifications Based on Tags or Assignees in Front" and elevate your communication efficiency to new heights.


Log in to Your Front Dashboard

Open Front and ensure you're logged into your account.


Navigate to the Settings Panel

Click on your avatar or profile icon, typically found at the bottom left corner, and choose "Settings" from the dropdown.


Choose 'Rules'

On the left sidebar, click on the “Rules” option.


Click on 'Add a Rule'

Find and click the “Add a Rule” button.


Define the Rule

In the "When" section, specify the conditions. For tags, it could be “When a conversation is tagged with...”. For assignees, “When a conversation is assigned to...”.


Specify the Tag or Assignee

  • For tags: Enter the specific tag name or choose from the dropdown.
  • For assignees: Select the specific team member or role.


Save the Rule

Click the “Save” or “Apply” button to activate the rule.


Test the Notification Rule

Tag a sample conversation or assign it to a specified user to ensure the notification rule works correctly

With Front's customized notifications based on tags or assignees, you've embarked on a journey of precision-focused communication. By embracing this feature, you're not just managing your conversations—you're optimizing them, ensuring every alert you receive is a step towards enhanced productivity and collaboration.

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