Welcome to our guide on using advanced search with tags and custom fields in Help Scout. Streamline customer support for better efficiency. In this guide, we'll show you how to leverage advanced search to find and manage customer conversations effectively.


Access Advanced Search

Locate the 'Search' bar at the top of the dashboard. Click on 'Search' icon.


Set the Search Parameters

You will be presented with several categories for filtering your search, such as Status, Mailbox, Assigned to, etc. You can also add multiple search conditions by clicking the '+ Add condition' button.


Include Tags in Your Search

To search for conversations tagged with a specific tag, select 'Tag' from the dropdown list and type the name of the tag in the search field.


Incorporate Custom Fields in Your Search


Similarly, to include custom fields in your search, select the name of the custom field from the dropdown list, and enter the value to search for.


Choose a Tag and Execute the Search

Select your desired tag from the options available and click 'Search' at the bottom of the filter dropdown menu to execute your customized search.

Congratulations! You've successfully learned how to use advanced search with tags and custom fields in Help Scout. By mastering this powerful search feature, you can easily find and manage customer conversations, respond faster, and improve customer satisfaction. Continuously refine your search criteria to optimize your support workflow. Happy searching!

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