Startup Finance, Growth and Scaling for Your Next Raise

Startup Finance, Growth and Scaling for Your Next Raise

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Startup Finance, Growth and Scaling for Your Next Raise

On episode 2 of Inflection Point, host Max Weisbrod was joined by Devin O'Brien, founder of Kordis, to discuss startup finance, growth, and partnerships.

About Devin O'Brien:

Devin started Kordis, an outsourced fractional CFO and accounting partner for startups and SMBs. The company provides CFO, finance, and accounting services for pre-revenue companies up to $50 million in revenue to help them scale.

The Problem Kordis Solves for Startup Growth:

Many startup founders are strong visionaries but lack finance expertise. This causes issues when fundraising, strategic planning, and scaling growth. Kordis fills the gap, ensuring startups have buttoned-up financials and models to support growth and raise funding.

Transitioning from Investment Banking into Startups:

Devin first helped startup friends with financial models and planning. Seeing the need, he soon went full time into startups. Kordis now grows mainly through founder referrals, focusing on high-value partnerships over cold outreach.

Transformations for Early Stage Startup Clients:

For SMBs, Kordis segments business units to surface unit economics. This highlights high-performing and underperforming areas to guide strategic decisions for growth. For startups, Kordis builds models to inform fundraising and cash management during scaling.

Going from Founder-Led to Founder-Managed Startups:

Early hires are often friends without specialized expertise. As the startup business grows, capabilities gap emerges. Devin facilitates tough conversations around new hires, as an outsider focused on the startup's goals.

Partnering with Fractional CFOs for Startup Scaling:

Kordis also partners with CFOs needing support teams and resources to scale their practices and startup clients. Kordis provides software, admin support, cross-training, and community to empower growth.

Trends and Preparing Startups for Exits:

With tighter funds, Devin is advising startups on spend optimization and burn rate reduction. On the SMB side, many look to exit, so Kordis helps prepare them for M&A and ownership transitions.

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