Fractional in Focus: Jeff Matlow

Fractional in Focus: Jeff Matlow

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Fractional in Focus: Jeff Matlow

Please introduce yourself to our readers who don't know you.

Jeff Matlow, Los Angeles, fractional CEO, COO or, usually, Chief Transition Officer

What does your day-to-day look like as a fractional executive?

At the beginning of my work day, I handle immediate communication (text, slack, email) that came in since the day before.

Then I timebox my day between client activities and networking. I will set up 1-3 hours each day for each client and then at least 1-2 hours each day for networking and new business.

In the end, it’s about 5-7 hours of client work each day, 1-2 hours of new business, and the rest filled with other shenanigans.

Can you share with us how you became a fractional executive, and tell us about your first fractional role?

I didn’t even know I was a fractional executive until recently. I hadn’t heard of the term. Here’s how it happened…

I’m a serial entrepreneur. My last company was acquired by Gannett Media. After the acquisition, I worked within one of their business units for a couple of years before I split from them.

Once I stopped working full time over there, I got a call from one of their corporate leaders who wanted to hire me as a consultant to work with the leadership team of a $40m business unit. They needed help turning that business around.

As it turns out, three other friends had businesses that needed the same.

Next thing I knew, somebody told me that I was a fractional CEO/COO/CRO rolled into one.

What’s that? I asked. When they explained, it made sense. So that’s what I call myself now.

Can you share one tip that you believe can help other fractionals

Never book 100% of your time. 10-20% should always be focused on new business.

What do you dislike most about being a fractional?

Leaders who have no interest in self-awareness

How do you stay on top of industry news?

I read a lot, talk to a lot of people and engage with a few peer groups.

What's your advice to someone who wants to become a fractional executive?

Make sure you have proven experience and then niche down to a target group that is very easy to identify and is willing to spend money to fix their problem.

Thanks for sitting down with me Jeff.

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