Welcome to our comprehensive guide on cleansing, deduplicating, and updating data records in Salesforce using tools like No Duplicates. Discover techniques to enhance data quality, streamline operations, and optimize your database.


Access No Duplicate Tool

Log in to Salesforce. Go to "App Launcher" and search for "No Duplicate."


Open No Duplicate

Click on "No Duplicate" or similar option. Access the tool's functionalities.


Choose Data Object

Select the object (e.g., Accounts, Contacts) to clean. Begin the data cleaning process.


Run Deduplication

Click "Run Deduplication" or similar. The tool identifies and lists potential duplicates.


Review Duplicates

Examine the suggested duplicate records. Confirm or modify duplicates for merging.


Merge Duplicates

Select records to merge. Merge them into one accurate record.


Update Data

Edit and update inaccurate or outdated information. Ensure records are up to date.


Save Changes

Save the cleaned and updated data. Changes are reflected in the system.

In conclusion, mastering data cleansing with tools like No Duplicates enhances data quality. By utilizing these tools, you improve accuracy, streamline processes, and drive overall efficiency. Employ these strategies to optimize your data management practices and achieve data-driven success with a refined Salesforce database.

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