Explore our comprehensive guide on selecting the perfect report type aligned with your data needs. Uncover strategies to enhance insights and ensure accurate reporting that aligns with your goals.


Navigate to Report Builder

Log in to Salesforce. Search for "Reports" in the App Launcher. Open the Reports tab.


Choose Report Type

Click "New Report." Select a suitable report category (e.g., Standard, Custom). Choose the report type aligned with your data focus. (e.g: Account)


Configure Report Columns

Drag and drop fields to add columns. Group data as needed for analysis.


Apply Filters

Click "Add" next to "Filters." Apply filters to narrow down data scope. Use date ranges, record types, and more.


Preview and Refine

Run the report to view preliminary results. Analyze and refine as necessary.



Save the report for future use.

In conclusion, mastering report type selection refines data analysis precision. By choosing the most suitable option, you elevate your understanding of information and streamline reporting accuracy. Employ these strategies to optimize your reporting approach and achieve data-driven excellence.

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