Streamline communication: Integrate Salesforce with external webinar and video conferencing tools for enhanced collaboration and seamless interactions.


Access Salesforce AppExchange

From your Salesforce dashboard, navigate to the AppExchange. This is Salesforce's online marketplace for apps and extensions.


Search for the Zoom App

In the AppExchange search bar, type "Zoom" (or the name of your preferred webinar/video conferencing tool) and press Enter.


Install the App

From the search results, click on the Zoom app (or the app you're installing). On the app's page, click "Get It Now" to start the installation process. Salesforce will guide you through the installation process. This usually involves granting certain permissions and selecting which users have access to the app.


Configure the App

After installation, you'll need to configure the app. This usually involves connecting your Zoom account (or other service account) to Salesforce by entering your account details and credentials.


Create Webinar or Video Conference

With the app installed and configured, you can create webinars or video conferences. This is usually done through a new "Webinar" or "Video Conference" tab in Salesforce, where you can set up the event details and invite participants.


Track and Manage Events

Once your event is created, you can use Salesforce to track and manage it. This includes seeing who has registered, sending out reminders, and more.

Embrace the power of integrated communication! By connecting Salesforce with third-party webinar and video conferencing tools, your organization can foster better collaboration and deliver exceptional experiences to clients and teams alike. Elevate your communication game and stay ahead in today's dynamic business landscape.

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