Taking the first step in A/B testing involves choosing the right metrics. In this straightforward guide, we unpack how to pick and apply the most relevant metrics to ensure your A/B tests are poised for success. Embark on a journey to more insightful and result-driven campaigns.


Navigate to Campaigns

Go to your Customer.io dashboard and click on the 'Campaigns' tab located in the sidebar.


Create New Campaign

Click on the 'New Campaign' button to initiate a new campaign for your A/B test.


Set Trigger

Decide what will initiate the campaign—be it a user event, segment entry, or an API trigger.


Set Goals

Decide on what metrics will indicate success, like conversions after an email click. Configure these as your goals in the campaign.


Drag Email to Workflow

Within the workflow of the campaign, drag and drop the 'Email' action into your sequence.


Click 'Turn on A/B Test'

You'll find an option to enable A/B Testing usually near where you added the email to your workflow. Click it.


Configure Variants

This is where you'll create different versions of your email, be it varying subject lines, content, or timings.


Assign Distribution Weight

Specify how often each of your email variants will be shown to your audience during the test.


Review and Start Campaign

Before launching your A/B test, review all of the settings one final time. If you're satisfied, click the 'Start Campaign' button.

Congratulations on advancing through the integral process of selecting and implementing A/B testing metrics. With this knowledge at your fingertips, you are geared up to construct tests that are both meaningful and result-oriented. Remember, the right metrics are your roadmap to success in A/B testing.

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