Are you struggling to send the right message to the right audience? Segmenting multi-channel messages can be a game-changer. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through the steps to effectively segment your messages across multiple channels using From creating new segments to setting up multi-channel workflows, we've got you covered.


Navigate to Segments

Log into your dashboard. Locate the 'Segments' section on the main navigation bar and click on it.


Create a New Segment

Click on the 'New Segment' button. Name your segment and describe its purpose.


Set Segment Conditions

Add conditions for your segment. These can be demographic data, behaviors, or any other customer attribute. Click 'Save.'


Navigate to 'Campaigns'

Return to the main dashboard. Navigate to the 'Campaigns' tab.


Create a New Campaign

Click on the 'New Campaign' button. Name your campaign and add a brief description.


Assign the Segment to the Campaign

Choose the segment you created in Step 2. Click 'Next.'


Add Channels to the Workflow

Add Email, SMS, Push Notification, or any other available channel to your campaign workflow.


Configure Channel Messages

Click on each channel block to compose the message for that specific channel.


Create SMS via Slack

Click on the SMS channel block in your workflow. Compose the SMS message. Integrate it with Slack if needed.


Create Email

Click on the Email channel block in your workflow. Compose the email message using the available editors. You can also add dynamic attributes for personalization.


Test the Campaign

Click 'Send Test' for each channel in the workflow. Validate that everything is working as expected.


Review and Activate the Campaign

Double-check all settings and messages. Click 'Activate Campaign' to make it live.

Congratulations, you've successfully navigated through the intricate steps of segmenting multi-channel messages using! Now, you're well-equipped to send targeted messages to specific customer segments, across various platforms. Keep tweaking and testing to find the optimal messaging that resonates with each segment for even better results. Happy marketing!

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