Unlock the full potential of your email marketing campaigns by integrating Google Analytics with Customer.io. This powerful collaboration will offer you deeper insights, advanced tracking capabilities, and the chance to make data-driven decisions that impact your bottom line. Whether you are a marketer looking to refine your email strategies or a business owner eager to understand customer behavior, this guide will walk you through the entire integration process.


Access 'Data & Integrations'

From your Customer.io dashboard, locate and click on the "Data & Integrations" tab on the left sidebar.


Navigate to 'Integration'

Within the "Data & Integrations" section, find and select the "Integration" tab to see the available integrations.


Search for Google Analytics

Utilize the search function or manually scroll to locate the "Google Analytics" option.


Select Google Analytics

Click on the "Google Analytics" option from the list of integrations.


Enable Google Analytics

On the Google Analytics integration page, click on the "Enable" button to activate the connection between the platforms.


Head to Your Campaign

Go back to the primary dashboard.

Select "Campaigns" from the left sidebar and choose the specific email campaign you intend to track.


Access 'Workflow'

Inside your chosen campaign, click on the "Workflow" tab.


Edit the Email Content

Find the specific email element within the workflow that you want to track.

Click on it and select "Edit" to modify the email's content.


Access 'Links'

At the lower right corner of the email editor, locate and click on the "Links" button.


Validate the Links

After clicking "Links," you will see an option for "Validate." Click on it to ensure that the links within your email are correctly configured for tracking.

Congratulations, you've successfully integrated Google Analytics with Customer.io! You're now armed with the tools and knowledge to track and analyze your email campaigns more efficiently. Dive into your data, identify trends, and optimize your future campaigns for maximum ROI. Keep monitoring both platforms to adapt your strategies to the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing. Happy analyzing!

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