Profile of Sarah Spector - a Chief Financial Officer.

Sarah Spector

Chief Financial Officer
Accounting is the language of business. I help translate financial statements and information into something that my clients can understand and rely on in order to make informed operational decisions. The ultimate goal is to help my clients achieve their dreams, and support them on the path they have chosen.
Profile of THELMA I LOPEZ - a Chief Executive Officer.


Chief Executive Officer
Seasoned C-Suite executive with extensive experience tackling the most challenging moments in business history: start-ups and turnarounds. I can quickly analyze key metrics to assess companies and provide a roadmap toward profitability. I listen to what is important and focus on the key items that change outcomes. This is all achieved with and thro... Read more
Profile of Jim O'Connell - a Chief Information Security Officer.

Jim O'Connell

Chief Information Security Officer
Verifiable track record of steering successful technology and security transformations that create efficiencies, improve service capabilities, drive cost savings, and fuel profitability. Repeatedly recruited to restore long-term sustainability through process re-engineering, change management, operational and infrastructure optimization, solution d... Read more
Profile of Tena Crock - a Chief Marketing Officer.

Tena Crock

Chief Marketing Officer
Prioritizing where to focus efforts for the biggest impact; CAC reduction, conversion optimization, do you have the right team in place to meet goals, are your vendors right-sized for your needs. All of these can be points of confusion in the DTC, digital marketing, and ecomm space. My goal is to get in, set the team for success, and get out as q... Read more
Profile of Jeffrey P Bosworth - a Chief Sales Officer.

Jeffrey P Bosworth

Chief Sales Officer
I am proficient in Marketing Automation, Sales Training, Internet Marketing, Revenue Operations, and most importantly: CRM and revenue pipeline reports. I am a passionate leader, driven to produce recurring results where marketing augments the sales process, obtaining higher margins and market share, competitively.
Profile of David Baughman - a Chief Operations Officer.

David Baughman

Chief Operations Officer
As an executive that is structured and process driven, I understand how to drive accountability and results without requiring 24/7 oversite. I am a "servant leader" that believes in empowering others to succeed and I am there to provide direction and counsel. The key is creating a culture of accountability and passion to be the best. That is what I... Read more
Profile of Jeanette Winters - a Chief Human Resources Officer.

Jeanette Winters

Chief Human Resources Officer
I have a proven track record of driving change to enhance performance through alignment of people, organizations, and strategies. Organizations can count on me to enable productivity (through individuals and teams), successful use of technology while effectively managing successful change. I align business and people strategy to ensure profitable... Read more
Profile of Maris Licis - a Chief Financial Officer.

Maris Licis

Chief Financial Officer
I'm a collaborative, strategically focused critical thinker who combines passion, analytical and emotional agility, and an entrepreneurial mindset to lead finance and corporate development for startups, scale-ups, and lower middle market companies as an operator, advisor, and investment banker. As a trusted strategic advisor, I provide forward-loo... Read more
Profile of Lauren Akai - a Chief Human Resources Officer.

Lauren Akai

Chief Human Resources Officer
Profile of Kevin Popovic - a Chief Strategy Officer.

Kevin Popovic

Chief Strategy Officer
I work side-by-side with the CEO, every step of the way. I am a career creative experienced in building consensus, making sure the plan gets executed as designed. I bring thirty years of experience working with B2B, B2C and NonProfs, and as an Academic, and author, I can share process, research and case stories that help make strategic decisions.

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