Profile of DIANE DUCKWORTH - a Chief Marketing Officer.


Chief Marketing Officer
Profile of Stephen Gregg - a Chief Marketing Officer.

Stephen Gregg

Chief Marketing Officer
Working in a number of marketing agency teams and client environments, I have developed and implemented a wide variety of marketing programs and navigated different and challenging marketing situations. Additionally, as I come from an agency background, I’m well suited to manage vendors and ensure they’re giving clients the best project execution... Read more
Profile of Julie L Lemieux - a Chief Design Officer.

Julie L Lemieux

Chief Design Officer
I hire like no other. My process is rigorous and leads to exceptional hires and retention.
Profile of Dinu C Ionescu - a Chief Experience Officer.

Dinu C Ionescu

Chief Experience Officer
With over 20 years of experience I help SaaS founders scale their business using a proven dynamic client experience framework. I have an affinity for solving for scale and turning chaos into order and repeatable success while fostering team and revenue growth.
Profile of Chad Almjeld - a Chief Operating Officer.

Chad Almjeld

Chief Operating Officer
Traction EOS experience, sales growth, raving fans customer service, efficiency, communication, vision, strategy, and culture. Culture is on every business leaders mind these days. I believe culture depends on having a great leader. It exists and thrives because of the entire organization, but cultures begins with a leader exuding, teaching and ... Read more
Profile of Steve Searles - a Chief Operating Officer.

Steve Searles

Chief Operating Officer
I have tremendous energy and a proven track record for diagnosing underperforming organizations, developing and implementing strategies and reaching new goals along with a culture that is enables sustainable results.
Profile of Rebecca Consolvo - a Chief People Officer.

Rebecca Consolvo

Chief People Officer
Becky has tackled various technology platforms within the Sales Operations, People Operations, and Legal fields for big box to start-ups. Leading medium to large-scale teams, Becky continues to strive in a strategic mindset to evolve operations based departments in order to succeed in revenue growth and sales. With a strong business and people EQ, ... Read more
Profile of Matthew Welch - a Chief Marketing Officer.

Matthew Welch

Chief Marketing Officer
I'm an international general manager, entrepreneur and marketer who has successfully launched and built businesses globally in the online, digital content, consumer electronics hardware and consumer med-tech spaces. I love building disruptive businesses, brands, and teams. I'm comfortable working in both large and small companies, and as a former s... Read more
Profile of Mark James - a Chief Executive Coaching Officer.

Mark James

Chief Executive Coaching Officer
Honesty, Ethics and Integrity
Profile of Frank J D'Andrea - a Chief Product Officer.

Frank J D'Andrea

Chief Product Officer
I have deep start-up and scale-up expertise and can build teams, launch products, and pitch investors and audiences (sometimes all in the same morning).

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