Profile of Janet Weil - a Chief Legal Officer.

Janet Weil

Chief Legal Officer
As an experienced General Counsel, compliance officer and regulatory/legal affairs professional with a background in corporate positions in Europe and the US and extensive international business I bring global legal insight to an organization combined with extensive operational knowledge of how to apply that legal insight in practical ways to the b... Read more
Profile of Pedro Mana - a Chief Product Officer.

Pedro Mana

Chief Product Officer
I have a deep understanding of market trends, customer needs, and emerging technologies, enabling me to identify new opportunities and develop product strategies that result in revenue growth and market share expansion. My experience in managing product portfolios across multiple regions has taught me the importance of local market dynamics and the... Read more
Profile of Mairi Burns - a Chief Demand Officer.

Mairi Burns

Chief Demand Officer
I bring a rare blend of strategic vision and practical knowledge on how to transform a company's marketing efforts through the application of best practices, solid processes and better use of technology.
Profile of Croom M Lawrence - a Chief Marketing Officer.

Croom M Lawrence

Chief Marketing Officer
I am a healthcare marketing executive who inspires and unifies cross-functional teams to deliver market leading growth by aligning human insights, data, creative, technology, organization, and culture. My passion is defining culture as a competitive advantage to deliver breakthrough, personalized customer experiences and improve healthcare for mor... Read more
Profile of Courtney Hughes OConnell - a Chief Human Resources Officer.

Courtney Hughes OConnell

Chief Human Resources Officer
Profile of Charn Pennewaert - a Chief Marketing Officer.

Charn Pennewaert

Chief Marketing Officer
I have over 20 years of experience in business development, B2B and B2C experiences and can elevate your brand with my strong website and marketing expertisee. I can bring your business to page 1 on Google through organic SEO strategies.
Profile of Ali Raheem - a Chief Executive Officer.

Ali Raheem

Chief Executive Officer
I can provide very effective leadership and management to specific issues and dilemmas that a company has.
Profile of Keith Rejino - a Chief Underwriting Officer.

Keith Rejino

Chief Underwriting Officer
I can advise Partners or CEOs whether to invest in a $1.0M commercial real estate project/loan or a $500M construction project/loan spread out over multiple city blocks. My gift lies in going six feet underground to figure out what drives the cash flows of any investment. Where others become blind, I can see. The more complicated the project, th... Read more
Profile of Micah Logan - a Chief Executive Officer.

Micah Logan

Chief Executive Officer
Hiring me as a fractional CEO or COO means acquiring a dynamic leader with over 16 years experience, who can turn areas of concern into launching pads for success. Whether it’s in-depth organizational restructuring, technology implementation, I bring a transformative perspective that leads to tangible growth and efficiency. In every aspect of opera... Read more
Profile of Tiffany L Otten - a Chief Marketing Officer.

Tiffany L Otten

Chief Marketing Officer
I'm equally valuable in the weeds as I am at the top of strategy, but wise enough to know I can't do both simultaneously. I have amassed a network with me over the years of the finest experts in their space, so I always have the right person to either challenge & refine my strategy, or execute upon it, depending upon the need. I will challenge you ... Read more

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