Profile of LaKisha Watson - a Chief Operating Officer.

LaKisha Watson

Chief Operating Officer
Profile of Patrick Senti - a Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer.

Patrick Senti

Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer
Profile of Stephanie Nelson - a Chief Operations Officer.

Stephanie Nelson

Chief Operations Officer
Profile of Christopher Wade - a Chief Business Development Officer.

Christopher Wade

Chief Business Development Officer
Profile of John K Johansen - a Chief Technology Officer.

John K Johansen

Chief Technology Officer
Profile of Simon Attard - a Chief Technology Officer.

Simon Attard

Chief Technology Officer
Profile of Paul Pop - a Chief Financial Officer.

Paul Pop

Chief Financial Officer
Profile of Jeff Erle - a Chief Executive Officer.

Jeff Erle

Chief Executive Officer
Profile of John Short - a Chief Human Resources Officer.

John Short

Chief Human Resources Officer
Profile of Armando Juarez - a Chief Executive Officer.

Armando Juarez

Chief Executive Officer

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