Profile of Scott Finkelstein - a Chief Executive Officer.

Scott Finkelstein

Chief Executive Officer
Ability to quickly assess, create and drive implementation of new strategies needed for the next level of growth.
Profile of Dave Maddaluna - a Chief Financial Officer.

Dave Maddaluna

Chief Financial Officer
Ability to Execute. Proven background in delivering data/metrics that drive data based decision making
Profile of Steven Roberts - a Chief Executive Officer.

Steven Roberts

Chief Executive Officer
I approach Information and Technology from a Business Management and Operations perspective. Finding or building tools - hardware, software, people, and processes - to solve business problems or exploit business opportunities.
Profile of Bruce Nelson - a Chief Financial Officer.

Bruce Nelson

Chief Financial Officer
Strengths in corporate financial strategy, M&A, cash management, finance, internal audit, IT/systems integration, financial analysis, and capital projects management. MBA skills and corporate experience to support key business development and operational initiatives in startup, turnaround, and established corporate environments.
Profile of Jay McDowell - a Chief Executive Officer.

Jay McDowell

Chief Executive Officer
Made a career of creating strategic vision – and providing the change leadership needed to bring that vision to fruition. Unusually strong business acumen, having served in an executive capacity for multiple industries.
Profile of Kacie Scott - a Chief Talent Acquisition Officer.

Kacie Scott

Chief Talent Acquisition Officer
Profile of Alina Plaia - a Chief Investor Relations Officer.

Alina Plaia

Chief Investor Relations Officer
1) Always ensure interests of the company and shareholders are aligned and protected; 2) ensure that banking relationships are fair; 3) being proactive, consistent, and clear communicator; 4) versatile in all corporate maters covered by CEO, CFO, and CIO
Profile of William M Beal Mr. - a Chief Executive Officer.

William M Beal Mr.

Chief Executive Officer
Offering a wealth of experience in providing tactical strategic project management, people friendly, I have an extensive background delivering successful results for a variety of projects and efforts.
Profile of Brian Prock - a Chief Real Estate Services Officer.

Brian Prock

Chief Real Estate Services Officer
With my multi-faceted experience in real estate and construction projects from due diligence through occupancy, together we can mitigate surprises, leverage team synergy, and maximize positive results.
Profile of Jon Williams - a Chief Technical Officer.

Jon Williams

Chief Technical Officer

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