Profile of Andrew R Soderberg - a Chief Customer Officer.

Andrew R Soderberg

Chief Customer Officer
I am a customer success executive who thrives when facing a new challenge. I am adept at mentoring teams and harnessing best-in-class & emerging technologies to innovate products & services, while simultaneously focusing on enriching the customer experience. With over 30 years in technology customer success & service and over 20 years in SaaS servi... Read more
Profile of Kevin Dunn - a Chief Operating Officer.

Kevin Dunn

Chief Operating Officer
Profile of John E Derrick - a Chief Executive Officer.

John E Derrick

Chief Executive Officer
Rock solid experience / leadership and confidence. Help drive a vision that everyone can understand and embrace. Create a strategic plan and areas of responsibility that each member of the team can own and drive. I currently advise five different companies and several venture groups. Fractional leadership provides the time and activity level to... Read more
Profile of Christopher DiPesa - a Chief Cloud Officer.

Christopher DiPesa

Chief Cloud Officer
Develop sustainable competitive advantages by leveraging cloud computing in a cost effective, scalable and flexible manner. Enable fast, global and simple application and infrastructure architectures to meet demand and exceed customer expectations. Vision and guidance for core tech roadmap, including infra, applications, and security. Drive technol... Read more
Profile of Gregor Ruthven - a Chief Digital Officer.

Gregor Ruthven

Chief Digital Officer
I've got ~10yrs experience in marketing strategy and eCommerce and know what it means to hustle. If you want someone who can think well, move fast, and get stuff done - send me a message and let's talk shop. Clients: Microsoft, Toyota, Singer Sewing Machines, TruGreen Lawn Care, Pro-Tools...
Profile of Bill Gage - a Chief Financial Officer.

Bill Gage

Chief Financial Officer
Chief Financial Officer and C-Suite Financial Advisor Gage Advisory Services provides strategic CFO consulting services to business owners and C-Suite executives. We get the numbers to tell you the story of your business, so that you will know how your business is performing; what challenges need attention; and present solutions that help you make... Read more
Profile of James Hilliard - a Chief Visionary Officer.

James Hilliard

Chief Visionary Officer
People centric leadership, inspirational/visionary product executive, high performance coach and collaborator who operates without ever sacrificing integrity. I seek the truth and eliminate uncertainty. By embracing creative debate, I promise to drive decision making. My experiences allow me to conceive, design and generate brand new products direc... Read more
Profile of Kyle McIntyre - a Chief Talent Acquisition Officer.

Kyle McIntyre

Chief Talent Acquisition Officer
Please see LinkedIn / Website for details on my track record of success.
Profile of James Stock - a Chief Financial Officer.

James Stock

Chief Financial Officer
Over my career, I have managed nearly every department within an organization (accounting, finance, payroll, human resources, facilities) and have worked at small and larger companies, and companies that have experienced very rapid growth. At CPS, we were adding a net 30 people a month at one point. This experience has provided me with a great deal... Read more
Profile of JJ Richa - a Chief Operating Officer.

JJ Richa

Chief Operating Officer
As a serial entrepreneur who started, ran and exited his own companies and has been helping businesses grow for years, I bring a wealth of hands-on experience to help companies reach their maximum potential regardless if they are a startup or mature.

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