Profile of Laura B Hunter - a Chief Legal Officer.

Laura B Hunter

Chief Legal Officer
Seasoned executive with significant expertise in legal and business strategy focused on solving large societal issues and unmet business needs. My goal is to create lasting solutions, propel growth and reduce costs within organizations, while always placing business objectives first. Extensive experience in representing both early, middle and la... Read more
Profile of Samuel Lin - a Chief Executive Officer.

Samuel Lin

Chief Executive Officer
My persona is both upbeat and practical. I seek to draw the optimal effort from fellow workers. My judgement is valued because I am thorough in my reconnaissance before I present workable options for decision. Employees from other operations traditionally have sought to work for me. I have brought new vision and new methods for managing organiz... Read more
Profile of Marty Yuen - a Chief Financial Officer.

Marty Yuen

Chief Financial Officer
I bring the ability to quickly assess where the critical issues exist within your organization that are keeping it from achieving financial success. This could be financial losses, under performance, inability to grow, or a sudden departure of a key member of the team. My ability to identify the issue and provide practical, effective solutions gen... Read more
Profile of Eric A Snyder - a Chief Executive Officer.

Eric A Snyder

Chief Executive Officer
I bring 30-years of technology leadership, an entrepreneurial drive & large-enterprise processes, procedures & structure to companies who need help getting to the next level. I have extensive experience in software sales, consulting, sales leadership and custom software development. I get my hands dirty and can get into the details across all areas... Read more
Profile of Jesse Mahle - a Chief Sales Officer.

Jesse Mahle

Chief Sales Officer
*Create consistency and predictability using a Proven & Repeatable sales process tailored to your core values *Duplicate your efforts by developing the next generation of leaders *Provide objective 3rd-party feedback while reinforcing your methodologies and values *Empower your team to be confident and self-reliant through sales coaching *Increa... Read more
Profile of Meg Langan - a Chief People Officer.

Meg Langan

Chief People Officer
I have a track record of hopping into organizations, learning the culture, forging alliances and getting things done quickly. I joke that my role is often sales -- have worked in many organizations where the team has needed to change and/or drive hard (in a sale) and I can hold the teams together to get the job done.
Profile of Barry Hurd - a Chief Digital Officer.

Barry Hurd

Chief Digital Officer
Holistic "digital first" perspective with deep strategic and technical understanding blended with KPIs founded in data to drive digital innovation across business units.
Profile of Suzanne Larsen - a Chief People Officer.

Suzanne Larsen

Chief People Officer
I will help you create clarity and to operationalize your strategy, with excellence.
Profile of Herschel V Sharp - a Chief Operating Officer.

Herschel V Sharp

Chief Operating Officer
Proven capability to quickly assess environments and issues, create short and long-term strategies, make appropriate decisions, and execute on strategic plan
Profile of Jim Balding - a Chief Architectural Officer.

Jim Balding

Chief Architectural Officer
Design quality excellence and the implementation of technological processes to enhance productivity.

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