Expert implementation

Our team is made up of specialists who have established workflows for taking data from any of your analytics tools including Pendo, Heap, Google Analytics, and having them produce data-rich reports without you having to lift a finger.

Ready to present

Most automated reporting solutions will spit out data that is hard to visualize and not presentation ready. Our team is ready to set your reporting up so that your reports are clear, concise, and ready to show off.

Customizable Reports

Most reporting tools are limited in the customization of reports.

Want a weekly report pointing to churn rates?

How about monthly NPS or NRR reports?

No problem, our team can craft any report you want from any of your data sources.

Offload work to a trusted partner
Baton gives you the ability to free yourself from low-leverage tasks. Stop creating reports and managing spreadsheets, stay at the executive level.
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