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Why Baton is right for you

Finding the best executive talent is foundational to the success of your business. This page compares two of the top executive talent discovery platforms Baton and Continuum — to help you choose the platform that’s right for you.
Free For Startups
Free For Startups
It shouldn't cost you money just to talk with executive talent. That's why Baton doesn't charge you a penny throughout the matchmaking process
Smart Matching
Smart Matching
We utilize technology to narrow down the search for the perfect executive addition to your team. Our team then gets involved to make sure that the results are perfectly tailored.
Match in a day
Match in a day
The process of matching takes time, but with our blend of technology and humans, we're able to make the first match on day 1!
Are you ready to elevate your startup with executive expertise?
Baton is waiting to connect you with the exact talent you need. Don't leave your success to chance. Give your startup the advantage of strategic thinking, operational discipline, and leadership skills that have been proven to work.
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