Learn to personalize data in Pipedrive with Custom Fields – essential for tailored CRM & precise insights.


Access Customization Options

If you're an admin user in Pipedrive, you're all set to begin customizing your data. As an admin, you have the power to add custom fields to various objects like deals, contacts, and products. These custom fields will help you store your data in a way that suits your needs perfectly.


Choose the Object for Custom Fields


If you're unsure about which object you want to add custom fields to, follow the link in the upper right corner to learn more. In general, Pipedrive offers three primary objects for customization: deals, contacts, and products.

  • Deals: Deals are temporary in nature and allow you to have multiple deals open for the same contacts concurrently.
  • Contacts: Contacts contain long-term information about individual people and organizations. Organizations can have multiple people and associated deals.
  • Products: Products represent the services or products you sell and can be customized with additional fields. These are linked to deals.


Navigate to Company Settings

or a comprehensive overview of data fields spanning across all objects (deals, contacts, etc.), head to "Company Settings." Here, you can create custom fields and designate certain fields as important or required for other users in Pipedrive.


Creating Custom Fields and Setting Importance

Suppose you want to create a custom field for deals to track the lead source. If you mark this field as "important," Pipedrive will remind you to update it, but it won't block any actions. If you mark it as "required," attempting to create a deal without entering the lead source will be blocked. Custom fields can also be made mandatory based on specific pipeline stages or when a deal is marked as won or lost.


Creating Custom Fields from Detail Views

Custom fields can also be created directly from the detail views of objects. For example, on a person's detail page, you can add a custom field like "Job Title" for all people in Pipedrive.


Data Display in Contact Summaries

Custom fields that contain data will automatically appear in the contact summary of related deals. Empty custom fields will remain hidden unless you choose to display them differently.


Utilizing Custom Fields in List View

Custom fields you've created can be pulled into the contact people list view. This view resembles a spreadsheet and enables you to apply filters and run detailed searches using your custom fields. Columns can be arranged, edits can be made on the go, and bulk edits to large datasets are possible.


Exporting Lists

As long as it's allowed under your company settings, you can export lists from the list view.


Leveraging Insights Reports and Dashboards


Mastering custom fields in Pipedrive empowers your CRM strategy, ensuring data precision and personalized insights. Elevate your business game today

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