Welcome to our comprehensive guide on using the Formula Column to automate calculations and data analysis in Monday.com. The Formula Column is a powerful feature that enables you to perform dynamic calculations, apply conditional formatting, and derive valuable insights from your data. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of creating custom formulas, leveraging functions and operators, and automating repetitive tasks with ease. Whether you want to calculate project timelines, budget allocations, or task progress, the Formula Column is your go-to tool for efficient data analysis and decision-making. Join us on this journey to unlock the true potential of the Formula Column and streamline your workflow in Monday.com.


Log in to your monday.com account

Start by logging into your monday.com account. If you do not have an account yet, you'll need to create one.


Select a board

After you've logged in, select the board where you want to add the formula column.


Add a new column

Click on the "+ Add Column" button on the right side of your board. A drop-down menu will appear.


Select the "Formula" column

In the drop-down menu, scroll down until you find "More Column Types". Click on it, then select the "Formula" option from the new drop-down menu.


Configure the "Formula" column

A new column will be created on your board named "Formula". Click on the column header to open the formula configuration.


Write your formula

In the formula configuration, write your formula in the text box. You can use the functions provided by monday.com, which include mathematical operations, text manipulations, date and time functions, and more. The syntax is similar to Excel's. For example, if you want to calculate the sum of two columns named "Column1" and "Column2", you would write Column1 + Column2.


Test and save your formula

Once you've written your formula, you can test it using the "Test formula" button. If the formula is correct, it will show a success message; if not, it will show an error message. Once you're satisfied with the formula, click "Set Formula".


Check the calculated values


After setting the formula, the column will automatically calculate the values for each item (or row) in your board based on the formula.

Congratulations on mastering the art of automating calculations and data analysis with the Formula Column in Monday.com! You've learned how to create custom formulas, use functions and operators, and automate repetitive tasks to save time and effort. By harnessing the power of the Formula Column, you can now perform dynamic calculations, visualize trends, and gain valuable insights from your data. Whether it's tracking project progress, managing budgets, or measuring team performance, the Formula Column empowers you to make data-driven decisions with confidence. Remember to explore advanced features and experiment with different formulas to tailor your data analysis to your unique business needs. As you continue to use the Formula Column, you'll experience enhanced efficiency and productivity in your workflow. Thank you for joining us on this journey to optimize your data analysis and streamline your processes with the Formula Column in Monday.com. Happy automating!

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