Welcome to our guide on creating custom opportunity stages in Salesforce. Tailor your sales process for success. In this guide, we'll show you how to customize opportunity stages to match your unique sales workflow.


Access Setup and Object Manager

First, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the Salesforce home page and select "Setup". From there, navigate to "Object Manager" and search for "Opportunities".


Navigate to Fields and Relationships

Click on "Fields & Relationships" within the "Opportunities" section, and find the "Stage" field.


Review Default Stage Values

You will see the default stage values listed here. You can choose to deactivate some of them or edit their properties, such as pipeline status, probability, and forecast category. However, you cannot change the stage name directly.


Create a New Stage

To replace an existing stage with a new one, click on "New" and create a new stage with the desired name. Assign it a probability, select whether it should be a pipeline, won, or lost stage, and add it to the picklist.


Reorder Stages

If the new stage is not in the desired position in the picklist, click on "Reorder" and move it to the appropriate place.


Replace Existing Stages

To replace an existing stage with the new one, click on "Del" next to the stage you want to remove. Salesforce will prompt you to select a replacement stage. Choose the new stage you just created, and Salesforce will update all existing opportunities with the new stage.


Verify the Updated Opportunity Stages

Return to the "Opportunities" tab and open an opportunity record to verify that the stages have been updated to match your sales process.

Congratulations! You've successfully learned how to create custom opportunity stages in Salesforce. By tailoring your sales process with customized stages, you can track deals more effectively, improve forecasting accuracy, and drive sales success. Continuously review and adjust your opportunity stages to keep them aligned with your evolving business needs. Happy selling!

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