Welcome to our guide on leveraging Salesforce Workflow Automation for successful email marketing campaigns. Discover how to automate repetitive tasks, segment your audience, and deliver personalized messages at the right time. Enhance your email marketing efficiency and drive better results with Salesforce's powerful automation capabilities.


Access Salesforce Classic Home Screen

Start from the Salesforce Classic Home Screen.


Navigate to Setup

Click on "Setup" at the top right of your screen.


Locate Communication Templates


Open Email Dropdown

On the left side of your screen, find "Email" and click on the drop-down arrow next to it.


Choose "Classic Email Templates"

Choose "Classic Email Templates" from the drop-down options.


Create a New Template

Click on "New Template" in the middle of your screen to start creating a new email template.


Choose Template Type


Select Template Type

Select one of the four available email template types. For this example, we'll use the "Text" version.


Click "Next"

Click "Next" on the right side of your screen once you've chosen a template type.


Customize Your Email Template


Enter details

On the customization screen, enter the template name, unique name, description, subject line, and message.


Go to "Available Merge Fields"

To personalize your email template based on recipient's information, go to the "Available Merge Fields" at the top left of your screen.


Select Contact Fields

Click on "Contact Fields" and select the field you want to use for personalization (e.g., Name, Last Name, First Name).


Copy and Paste merge field

Copy and paste the merge field into your email.


Test Your Email Template

You can send a test email to yourself to ensure everything looks good.

Congratulations on mastering Salesforce Workflow Automation for your email marketing campaigns. By automating tasks and segmenting your audience, you've achieved greater efficiency and effectiveness in your marketing efforts. The ability to deliver personalized messages at the right time has resulted in increased engagement and improved customer relationships. Continue to monitor campaign performance and optimize your workflows to further enhance your email marketing strategy. With Salesforce's automation capabilities, you're well-positioned to achieve even greater success in your future campaigns. Keep up the good work!

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