This guide offers a comprehensive walkthrough on integrating Google Search Console with your Google Analytics account, enabling you to monitor and analyze your organic search traffic seamlessly.


Sign in to Google Analytics

Log into your Google Analytics account and select the property you'd like to link to Google Search Console.


Navigate to Admin

Go to the Admin section by clicking the gear icon at the bottom left corner of your screen.


Property Settings

In the middle "Property" column, click on "Property Settings."


Adjust Search Console Settings

Scroll down to find the "Search Console" section and then click on "Adjust Search Console."


Add Site to Search Console

You will be taken to Google Search Console. Here, you can either add a new site or select from a list of sites you've already verified with Search Console.


Linking the Site

Choose the site you want to link and click on the "Add" button next to it.


Confirm Linking


You'll be redirected back to Google A


Save Changes

After confirming, save any changes you've made in Google Analytics.

Congratulations on successfully integrating Google Search Console with Google Analytics! You're now well-equipped to gain deeper insights into your organic search performance

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