Keep your Front workspace tidy by periodically auditing and cleaning up tags and custom views. Enhance efficiency with a clutter-free environment.


Navigate to Settings

Go to Front's settings to find the 'Tags' and 'Custom Views' options.


Audit Tags

Scroll through the list of tags and identify any duplicates or unused tags.


Remove or Edit Tags

Delete unused tags or modify existing ones by clicking the appropriate option next to each tag.


Navigate to Custom Views

Click on the 'Custom Views' option in settings.


Remove or Edit Custom Views

Delete or modify unnecessary custom views by clicking the appropriate option next to each view.


Check the Frequency

Find option and choose between "Weekly" or "Monthly" to Custom View Periodically


Confirm Changes

Make sure to confirm any deletions or edits to save the changes.

You've audited and cleaned your tags and custom views. Enjoy a streamlined, efficient workspace!

Want us to Audit and Clean Up Tags and and Custom Views Periodically for you?
Use Our Team

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