Learn how to review email comment history in Front for better context. Gain insights into team discussions around emails for improved decision-making.


Log into Your Front Account

  • Open your browser and navigate to Front's login page.
  • Enter your credentials to log in.


Access Your Inbox

Once logged in, go to your Front inbox where your emails are stored.


Select the Email Thread

Find and click on the email thread for which you wish to review the comment history.


Locate the Comment Section

Look for the comment section, usually located to the right of the email pane.


Scroll Through the Comment History

Use your mouse or touchpad to scroll through the comment history and read the discussions.


Search for Specific Comments (Optional)

Use the search bar within the comment section if you are looking for comments containing specific words or from specific people.


Expand and Collapse Threads (Optional)

You can expand and collapse individual comment threads for better readability, usually by clicking an arrow icon next to the comment.


Highlight Important Comments (Optional)

Some versions of Front allow you to highlight or star or pin important comments for future reference.


Add More Comments for Context (Optional)

If you find that the comment history lacks context or information, you can add your comments for further clarification.


Refresh Comment History (Optional)

If you’re in a live discussion and awaiting new comments, you might need to manually refresh the comment section to view new inputs.

Congratulations! Now you know how to review comment history in Front, elevating your team's communication and decision-making skills.

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