Integrating a shared inbox with various channels, including SMS and social media, ensures that all communication streams flow into one centralized hub. This guide unveils the steps to amalgamate these channels effectively, promoting seamless communication and enhanced customer interactions.


Log into Front

Use your credentials to access your Front account.


Navigate to Settings

On the Front dashboard, click the gear icon (⚙️) usually found in the top right corner.


Go to 'Channels'

In the settings dropdown, select the "Channels" option.


Click 'Add a Channel'

This will present you with various options for channel integrations.


Choose Your Preferred Channel

For this guide, we will focus on SMS and Social Media. Click on the "SMS" or relevant social media icon.


Connect Your Account

Follow the prompts to integrate the chosen channel. This usually requires login credentials or an authentication process.


Specify Routing for New Channel

Determine how messages from this channel will be routed in your shared inbox. Choose which team or individual will receive these messages.


Customize Channel Settings

Define how the integrated channel behaves. Adjust settings like automated replies, signature, or away messages specific to that channel.


Save Changes

After making the necessary adjustments, click on the "Save" or "Update" button.


Test the Integration

Send a test message via the newly integrated channel (SMS or social media) to ensure it lands in your Front shared inbox.

Harnessing the power of integrated communication elevates team responsiveness and customer experience to new heights. By bridging your shared inbox with channels like SMS and social media, you've paved the way for a streamlined and unified communication approach. Embrace this integrated future, and watch as collaboration and efficiency thrive.

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