Efficient email management is the backbone of seamless communication. In the bustling digital workspace, custom routing rules in Front provide an edge, ensuring emails land precisely where they should. This guide reveals the nuances of crafting these rules, turning your inbox into an orchestrated symphony of organization.


Log into Front

Use your credentials to access your Front dashboard.


Access Settings

Find and click on the gear icon (⚙️) typically located in the top right corner.


Go to the 'Rules' Section

In the dropdown menu, click on the "Rules" option.


Initiate Rule Creation

Click the “New Rule” or similar button.


Define Rule Name and Description

Provide a concise name for the rule and an optional brief description to indicate its purpose.


Set Triggers

Specify what triggers the rule. This could be based on keywords in the email, the sender's address, etc.


Define Actions

Determine what action should be taken once the rule is triggered. This might include assigning the email to a specific team member, adding tags, etc.


Apply Filters (Optional)

For finer control, apply filters that can refine when the rule gets activated, like the time of day or specific words in the subject line.


Review and Test

Before saving, review your rule settings to ensure they align with your desired outcome. Send a test email to see the rule in action.


Save and Activate

Once satisfied, click "Save" or "Activate" to set the rule live.

Mastering custom rules in Front equips you with an invaluable tool to streamline and organize email traffic. By determining precise routing channels for each message, you not only enhance your team's productivity but also ensure no important communication goes astray. Here's to a smarter, more organized inbox!

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