Dive into the world of personalized web notifications with our insightful guide on leveraging the robust features of Customer.io. Learn how to fine-tune each message to suit your brand’s voice and resonate well with your audience. Whether you are looking to onboard new users, boost engagement, or enhance customer retention, mastering the customization of web notification content in Customer.io will set you on the path to success. Embark on this learning journey to unlock the full potential of personalized web notifications.


Navigate to 'Campaign'

Kick-start the process by heading over to the ‘Campaign’ section available on your Customer.io dashboard.


Create a New Campaign

Once in the ‘Campaign’ section, look for and click on the option to create a new campaign.


Define the Campaign

Give your campaign a distinct name and set other relevant details to define it properly.


Add Webhook to Workflow

In this step, add a webhook to your workflow to facilitate the integration with other platforms.


Click 'Add Request'

Find and click on the ‘Add Request’ option to proceed further with setting up the webhook.



Set the URL to the following: https://go.airship.com/api/push


Add Header

For the header settings, input 'Authorization' in the Name field and 'basic <base64-encoded credentials>' in the Value field.


Add Header Again

Enter 'Content-Type' for the Name and 'application/vnd.urbanairship+json; version=3;' for the Value.


Customize the Web Push

Personalize the web push notification content according to your preference, incorporating appealing text and visuals.


Save and Activate the Campaign

Finally, after ensuring everything is set up correctly, save the settings and activate your campaign to roll it out.

Having journeyed through the comprehensive steps to customizing web notification content in Customer.io, you are now equipped with the knowledge to craft messages that are not only engaging but distinctly yours. Remember, a well-personalized notification can significantly uplift your user experience and foster brand loyalty. Take the reins and start creating web notifications that truly speak your brand’s language.

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