Discover the comprehensive guide on scheduling web push notifications effectively. Dive into techniques that ensure timely delivery, understand optimal frequency, and explore best practices for crafting compelling messages. With detailed step-by-step instructions, maximize user engagement and maintain a strong online presence


Navigate to 'Campaigns'

Begin by logging into your account. Once in, direct your attention to the left sidebar and click on the ‘Campaigns’ option.


Click on 'New Campaign'

Within the ‘Campaigns’ section, find and click the 'New Campaign' button to create a new SMS campaign.


Name Your Campaign

Assign a unique and identifiable name to your campaign in the designated field. It helps in distinguishing and managing your campaigns effectively.


Define Your Audience

At this step, select the target audience for your SMS campaign. You can filter the audience based on various attributes like previous purchase history, geographical location, and more.


Add Webhook to Workflow

In this step, add a webhook to your workflow to facilitate the integration with other platforms.


Click 'Add Request'

Find and click on the ‘Add Request’ option to proceed further with setting up the webhook.



Set the URL to the following:


Add Header

For the header settings, input 'Authorization' in the Name field and 'basic <base64-encoded credentials>' in the Value field.


Add Header Again

Enter 'Content-Type' for the Name and 'application/vnd.urbanairship+json; version=3;' for the Value.


Customize the Web Push

Personalize the web push notification content according to your preference, incorporating appealing text and visuals.

Congratulations! You now have the know-how to schedule web push notifications effectively using By utilizing the scheduling feature, you can ensure that your notifications reach your audience at times when they are most likely to engage, boosting your campaign's success. Remember, consistency and timing are key in holding your audience's attention. Start scheduling your web push notifications now and take your digital marketing strategy to the next level.

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