Welcome to our all-encompassing guide on scheduling SMS campaigns proficiently. This guide aims to familiarize you with the intricate details of scheduling SMS campaigns, a potent tool in today's digital marketing arena. Engaging your audience at the right time can notably augment the success rate of your campaigns. Navigate through our guide to unveil the strategies that can place you a step ahead in the competitive market.


Navigate to 'Campaigns'

Head over to the 'Campaigns' tab on the left sidebar of your Customer.io dashboard.


Click on 'New Campaign'

Locate and click the 'New Campaign' button at the top right corner of the page.


Name Your Campaign

Type in the name and description of your campaign and click on 'Next.'


Define Your Audience

Select the target audience who will receive your SMS campaign.


Add SMS Element

Drag the 'SMS' action element into your workflow.


Craft Your SMS Message

Write the text of your SMS message and incorporate any personalization tokens you need.


Test Your SMS

Use the 'Send Test' option to ensure the SMS will appear as intended.


Add Delays

You have three options for adding delays to your SMS campaign: "Wait Until," "Time Delay," and "Time Window."


Review and Activate Your Campaign

Once you’re satisfied with how your SMS looks and the settings, click 'Activate' to start the campaign.

Congrats on finishing this key SMS campaign guide. Now you're ready to send timely, impactful texts. Success hinges on smart planning and scheduling. Use this guide's insights to boost engagement and connect effectively with your audience.

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